Sunday, March 2, 2014

Forever Friends Silhouette

Cameo Cut File for the kids
Strawberry Paper
Forever Friends Sticker...
Clean and Simple, and EASY!


  1. Great card Kristen, love the silhouette! Lost your followers could be because it looks like you joined that Google Plus thing. I am sorry to say I can't follow you on that because I don't want to activate my Google Plus. People who have it are hard to find and follow. Normally if you leave me a comment I get an email notification that you did and I can then click on your name and it will take me to the "about Kristen" blogger page, with a link to your blog. If you have Google plus it takes me to the G+ page and it is hard to find a persons blog through that. Once you start leaving comments the name of your blog and the link will be replaced by the comments and links to blogs you have visited. At least that is what I noticed on others who use G+, which is why I am steering clear of it. Thanks for the photo tips too. Big hugs, ~Diane

    1. I found where to re-add the followers. You go to add a gadget/choose more gadgets. It was just hidden.

  2. Love the happiness and livelihood that comes out of this piece

  3. What a wonderful and cheerful silhouette! Definitely makes for a wonderful and cheerful card!


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